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Interview with The Courettes (Garage Punk from Brazil & Denmark)

A Garage Punk show about Love, Guitars and Leather Jackets.
The story of Garage Punk couple The Courettes is a great Rock ‘n Roll Love Story, which the band told us when we met them at Café du Port at Hamburg St. Pauli the day after they played a double show at local Monkeys Music Club. It was one of the last shows before the second Corona shutdown in Germany.
The Courettes met in brazil when touring together with their former bands Columbian Neckties and Autoramas. Today Martin and Flavia Couri live in Denmark and have a four year old son.
We talked with them about their soon coming third album, about the bands style (musically and optical) and the special gear they are using to achieve their one of a kind sound. Lately they got signed by the legendary British label Damaged Goods Records which is not the only thing they share with Garage legend Billy Childish.

Radio Brennt! – Krach für Kenner! · Interview with The Courettes (Garage Punk). Love, Guitars & Leather Jackets.

You find The Courettes Music and Merch on their website: www.thecourettes.com/
… and their Bandcamp page: thecourettes.bandcamp.com/merch

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